I have maintained a dietary life of 100% vegetable since 2002.
I feel many people think there would be some problems on health if we do not eat any animal products.
However, it is the state of a dietary life of 100% vegetable that we are very healthy keeping our comfortable weights and maintain strong immune systems. We can get sufficiently: (1) calcium from vegetables, see weeds, nut seeds and grain, etc.; (2) proteins from soybean processing by-products including beans, etc.; (3) carbohydrates as a source of energy from vegetable foods. We have no problem about nutrition.

It is time for us to review our current food life immediately, because it gives a heavy burden on the global environment. Animal products deteriorate the current environment from the viewpoints of the starvation problem and energy efficiency.

It is a deed of destruction of the ecosystem that we eat animals which live in mountains, rivers and the sea. It is hard to recover the destroyed ecosystem. The destruction of environment has wiped out about 40,000 kinds of organisms per year.

Livestock farming needs enormous quantities of grains for animal consumption. The grain production requires large lands, a large amount of water & agricultural chemicals. Meats and dairy products are not our essential foods but articles of taste. Currently that is part of the reasons that countries with massive capital strength exploit grains, water and labor forces from overseas countries to obtain the articles of taste.
Over 25,000 people per day lose their lives due to starvation. Developed countries buy up grains and water with large capital and use them as feedstuff for livestock farming and energy resources, though there are enough grains and water for all people around the world.
People have enormous quantities of leftovers and throw away the uneaten foods in Japan, too.

Japan’s food self-sufficiency ratio is 39%. If Japan cannot import foods from overseas, it will become a starving nation. Actually, it is ongoing slowly.
In the countries from which Japan imports foods such as USA, Australia and Brazil, etc., the harvest ratios are falling year after year due to droughts by global warming and natural disasters such as heavy rainstorms. Accordingly, it is conceivable that those countries would not be able to export grains, vegetables and fruits to Japan.
It is imperative that Japan: (1) establishes a new policy at a national level to convert to energy-efficient food life as well as to enhance the self-sufficiency ratio of grains and vegetables in Japan and (2) educates all Japanese people about foods.

International cuisines cooked only with 100% vegetable ingredients

It is possible for us to enjoy sufficiently delicious & satisfactory cuisines cooked only with vegetable ingredients even from the viewpoints of looking, tastes and textures.
We can obtain many kinds of mock products that are alternative to meats by online shopping.
We use soymilk as a substitute for milk, and plant-derived milky dressing for mayonnaise.
We can enjoy good foods as before.
Pictures below are part of cuisines KAMIHITO cooked as a chef by 2008. I am very happy if you refer to those pictures.