“Hitsukichi Shinji”
(Message from Great God to instruct each human being to follow the path toward the truth)

On June 6, 2006, I started up my personal computer to post blog entry. I had a sudden image of words in my brain as if I was motivated by unusual and heightened strong energy. Unrelated words continued to come out and I typed those words from the keyboards. When I typed “God of Amano-Hitsuki” at the end of Vol. “A”, I was extremely confused.
“I wonder if I may disclose this message as it is?”
I repeatedly asked my Guides. They taught the message IS RIGHT in very gentle and calm tones. So I trusted their advices, was convinced and decided to disclose it on my blog.
“I wonder what meaning there is in the writing channeled through me.” ”I wonder if this is true.” I felt such an anxiety and doubt every time I finished my automatic writing. Then I was committed to think about the importance of conveying the messages to people. I continued to do automatic writings with a personal computer, while accepting respective message honestly and seriously, and telling myself not to think about unnecessary things. However, I had several conflicts about the surprising contents of the messages. I wondered about whether those messages were really true or not. Accordingly, I put a note that “I would like to leave it up to you to consider the messages as fictions or nonfictions”.

Hitsukichi Shinji started from Vol. “A” on June. 6, 2006 and continued until Vol. “YO” on June 14, 2007. I was advised not to release the subsequent messages yet. As I mentioned about publication in Vol. “YO”, I promptly produced booklets on July 7, 2007 and handed them to related people. Then, Vol. “RA”, “RI” and “RU” were conveyed. On Feb. 1, 2008, I was advised to add those volumes and republished them.
Meanwhile, Vol. “RE”, “RO” and “WA” were delivered in December 2008. When will the subsequent messages be conveyed?
Until when will the message continue?
I have not received those answers yet.

I was advised to publish the booklet not as “God of Amano Hitsuki” but as “Hitsukichi Shinji”. I wholeheartedly hope to take my role as possible as I can, so as not to regret even though I would die at any time.
What meaning do the messages have?
I would like to leave it up to you to consider thoughtfully.
I sincerely appreciate help and support of many people on the publication because I was lack of funds and also I am deeply grateful for relations I had in the course of a way to the truth.

Again, I would like to express my gratitude for all of you.

Your continuous help and courtesy would be highly appreciated.
I would like to extend my sincere wishes for the continuing prosperity of all of you!


“Hitsukichi Shinji” by KAMIHITO, JPY600 (excl. shipping cost)
"This booklet is written only in Japanese."

Please note that the booklet is limited to one copy per person.
The booklet is not for OTC sale.
Meanwhile, it would be greatly appreciated that only people who really feel true relations have the booklet.

Please contact to KAMIHITO Network Kyoto Office for an order.
Please send your order by email indicating your name, address and motivation of the order.