Born in Hachinohe City, Aomori Pref. Now lives in Kyoto City.
Singer-songwriter & Spiritual messenger.
KAMIHITO’s life has drastically changed since he started communications with various spiritual existences in 1988. He conveys truths taught by the existences in a plain tone with humors in live performances playing a guitar and giving lectures across the country for over 10 years. KAMIHITO’s live performances are “Praying songs” to pray your happiness and “Festive songs” to be created together with all of you. He leads you to the notional world of nostalgia and happiness, which is his original world full of “Spirits of sounds” with tastes of folk songs (in Ryukyu (Okinawa), Yamato (Japa) & Korea, etc.) and “Spirits of words” with prayers. He has been devoted himself in putting live shows and raising funds for charity for famine relief and forestation through NGO/NPO for a long time. He is a founder of Charity Event “the Earth Love Festival”. The events have been extended throughout Japan (Kyoto, Tokyo, Aichi, Kanagawa, Fukuoka, Shimane, etc.).

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[CDs and Books]
“The Earth/Hifumi”, 1st CD Single released on Feb. 14, 2004
“Wa (Harmony)”, 1st CD Album released on Dec. 25, 2005
“Hitsukichishinji” written by KAMIHITO, produced & published on Jul. 7, 2007
“Daijobu (Don’t Worry)/Inochi (Life)”, 2nd CD Single released on Sep. 20, 2007
“The Earth/Hifumi”, Renewal Version released on Nov. 11, 2008
“God”, 2nd CD Album released on Oct. 1, 2008
“Wa (Harmony)2010”, 1st CD Album Renewal released on Nov. 1, 2010
“God 2010”, 2nd CD Album Renewal released on Dec. 25, 2010
“The Earth”, Picture book CD released on Dec. 25, 2010
“Omedetou(Happy birthday!)”, Picture book CD released on Mar. 3, 2011
“Makoto”, 3rd CD Album released on Apr. 8, 2011
“Daijyoubu”, 3rd Picture book CD released on Nov. 11, 2011
“The door of truth” Text book written by KAMIHITO, produced & published on Dec. 18, 2011
“Kiyone”, 1st Orin CD released on May. 5, 2012
“Matsuri”, 4th. Mini Album released on Jul. 7, 2012

[Major Performances]
“Warabe Village/Earth Market” (Gifu) / “Nishi-in Music Festival” (Kyoto) / “National Assembly for Peace and Democracy” (Kyoto) / “Vege & Peace Festival” (Kyoto) / “Osaka Peace Film Festival” (Osaka) / “Songs of the heart praying Peace” – Concert” (Kyoto) / “Autumn Harvest Festival” (Kyoto)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2007 in Kyoto” (Kyoto) / “Love & Earth – Festival of the Earth & Lives” (Osaka) / “Vegetarian Festival 2007” (Tokyo) / “Vegetarian Festival 2007” (Kyoto)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2008” in Kyoto (Kyoto) , Sanin(Shimane), Kyusyu(Fukuoka), Tokyo (Tokyo)/ “Earth Market 2008” (Gifu) / “Concert praying Peace” (Saitama) / “Vegetarian Festival 2008” (Kyoto)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2009” in Kyoto (Kyoto) , Tokyo (Tokyo), Aichi (Aichi)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2010” in Kyoto (Kyoto), Kanagawa (Kanagawa), Aichi (Aichi)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2011” in Kyoto (Kyoto), Tokyo (Tokyo), Kanagawa (Kanagawa), Aichi (Aichi)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2012” in Kyoto (Kyoto), Wakayama(Wakayama), Tokyo (Tokyo), Kanagawa (Kanagawa), Nara(Nara), Aichi (Aichi)

“The Earth-Love Festival 2013” in Kyoto (Kyoto), Wakayama(Wakayama), Tokyo (Tokyo), Okayama(Okayama), Osaka(Osaka), Kanagawa (Kanagawa), Nara(Nara)

KAMIHITO’s activities are made up of 3 pillars: (1) “Songs”; (2) “Talks”; and (3) “REIDEN”.
(1) Songs: KAMIHITO’s original songs of prayer and festivals.
(2) Talks: Stories centered on spiritual matters
as well as about the environment, starvation problems, foods, the future, etc.
(3) REIDEN: KAMIHITO delivers a message necessary for you now & in the future.

He has been devoted himself in putting live shows and raising funds
for charity for famine relief and forestation through NGO/NPO for a long time.

“Everybody has his/her own valuable mission.
However, many people only do not awake it.”

KAMIHITO sings prayer songs and talks about spiritual matters.
However, he does not belong to any religious organization.
He is not involved in any activities for enrollment in religious organization,
fund-raising or establishment of a religious organization, etc.

KAMIHITO’s community in mixi (ID: 3279633)
Please send a mail to his Administrative Office,
describing your name & your intention of participation in the community.

Please feel free to contact KAMINITO Network Kyoto (Administrative Office)